Why I love Star Wars, and Why You Should Too

Star Wars is huge in my house. Like…insanely huge. Stinky loves Star Wars. In an almost obsessive sort of way lol. Bubba J isn’t as deep into it as he used to be but he still likes it a lot. And Boog likes it too.

Me? I’ve loved it since I was 5.

I haven’t ever met anyone who have looked at me and said “I don’t like Star Wars”. But I’m sure there are some out there. And it boggles my mind, lemme tell you. There are so many cool things. Stuff that lives on every day.

If I had to convince someone that Star Wars was super stellar, this is what I’d tell em….

Light sabers

“So, you have a hilt. And when you activate it with the force, a crystal blade ejects and the crystals send energy out and around the blade. The good guys, the Jedi, have Blue and Green (peaceful) and the Sith bad guys generally wield red. They’re pretty, and they make the coolest sound.”


Oh. My. Goodness. The cutest little balls of fur! Nub-nub!!


“It’s like driving through a super stellar snow storm without the hazards of slipping. And ass ending someone.”

Han Solo

“Harrison Ford in the early years. Need I say more??”


“Hands down the coolest thing ever. He kicks ass with his saber. He’s an adorable old man alien thing. And he speaks…Like…’Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind’ and ‘A disturbance in the force, there is…’ lol.”

And if they were look skeptically at me and say something like ” That just sounds stupid” I would be forced to reply with “I have a bad feeling about this.”



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