Not gonna drop the ball this week!

It’s getting to be that time of year. The one where the DSBF and I will not see much of each other. He’s a distributor for Miller beer (yuk :p) and summer is full of festivals and brewers games and shows to which all the drunks come out to. And he has to deliver the beer. 7 days a week. So the weekends together, sometimes long ones, are all but over. I’m bummed. And a little scared about it all. But there are a lot of people that don’t see their significant other as often as they’d like due to employment. Truck drivers, airplane pilots, and a certain Tug Boat Captains wife.

Any-who, kids and I went down Saturday afternoon. We were going to go to the St. Patty’s day parade (a week early. I know. Wisconsinites need 2 weekends for drinking over this holiday). But the weather was crap. Of course. This is Wisconsin, where there’s 8 months of winter before a month of spring, a month of summer, and 2 months of fall.

S’anyways… We decided last minute on Saturday night that we were going to go to an Admirals game. Down in Illinois. It turned out being a super fun last minute road trip. We were gone for about seven hours, the kids had fun, the DSBF and I had fun.
Sunday was rather uneventful, we just drove around looking for rental houses. Couldn’t see squat with the insane fog, so that trip was a bust. But it was still nice, car talking is so easy.






And for the tunes, I had to throw out some Green Day. I’ve always been a fan. Are you?

Have a great week!!



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