Make Your Laziness Work for You

You may be thinking “What?? Laziness is a HORRIBLE quality!! I AM NOT LAZY!!”

Not true. We all have something we’re lazy about. If you think about it, you do, too.

I am perpetually lazy. I hate to take up my time thinking about things that are a daily part of my life. I can’t stand wasting time with necessary things that could have been done at a better time. So I don’t.

There are a lot of ways that we can turn our laziness into efficiency. It’s called “Kaizen”, and it can drastically improve everything from your workload to your stress. And it’s easily applied to every single aspect of your life.

When I’m creating something, for instance, I will sit down and gather everything I need for the project; pull up ideas in tabs, save images that I have for inspiration, pull up whatever programs I am wanting to use. Then I walk away. Take 5, 10, even 20. Get the juices flowing (I get a lot of inspiration; color, copy, and “attitude”, from hanging out with my kids). We’ll draw, color, or even play a few minutes of a video game. Because I know that when I’m ready, so is the project.

Another good example is my desk at work. I have a cubie with those walls that you can pin shit to. So when I draw up a design, make a flow chart with the boss, or jot down blog ideas, get info about a new class, I pin them to the wall. That way when it comes to actually making the graphic, writing the blog, answering a student question, or working through a process everything I need is right at my finger tips. Beats the hell out of shuffling through a file folder or to-do box on my desk.

Or we can look at dinner in my house. I’ve mentioned it before in posts past. I make a menu. Every Sunday. I shop Monday for EVERYTHING I need for the weeks worth of meals. Why? Because

A) at the end of the day I am too lazy to have to come up with something for dinner


B) I’m too lazy to want to go grocery shopping more than once a week.

This also gets into the realm of routine. Another word (like lazy) that makes many of us cringe. But there are some HUGE benefits to both being lazy and having a routine.

When I know that every day at 4:30pm I will start cooking, every Tuesday & Thursday morning I will be starting laundry, and every Saturday I will be deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, it allows me to relax and plan my other things around these specific times. And if I just want to sit around and be lazy, I know there will be time for that.

Now, I feel like there is a little bit of random, all over the place with this post. But I want you to get something out of it! And the somethings are connected!

If you can make your laziness work for you, you will be more efficient. Your work will not take as long, you won’t have to wrack your brain to do things you have to do anyways, and you will have more time on your hands.

Totally a win win.

How are you efficiently lazy?




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