In My Daydreams

Oh. My. I have been a right horrible blogger lately. I am sorry.

I could go through a bunch of excuses like “Work has been crazy” or “This bachelors degree homework is kicking my ass”. Or, I can just talk about what’s really been on my mind.

It has been wandering once in a while as of late. Oh, who am I kidding. It has been wandering a lot.

The focus of these wanderings has been fond memories. I’ve been floating back to a time in which I was really, genuinely happy. Thinking about things that made me smile. Feel good inside.

So what are some of these things? Here. Let me tell you.

…a late summer Saturday morning. Walking though a farmers market, drinking coffee, singing “No Woman, No Cry”. It was warm, and leading into a great day. I will hold that close to my heart forever, I think.

…trudging through the snow looking for a Christmas tree. The kids couldn’t decide. B got car sick. And we almost lost the tree off the roof of the van. I know, I know. We don’t want to think winter right now! But it was fun.

…a hot, sweaty, tiny bar. Loud live music. Dancing with an old man. Laughing until my gut hurt. Dancing until my feet were sore. Kind of miss those days.

…spending the day on the pitch watching my Bubba J take second in their division. Colored hair spray. Decorated team spirit shirts. Hot summer sun. And it’s almost here again!

…before they were recorded, watching a band dear to my heart in their jeans and suspenders jammin like there was no tomorrow. Always random, fun, not all…all professional :p. Those were fun days.

Then, just having things to look forward to. I hope that all these good times are not just a past chapter in my life. I miss the thrill and the laughter.



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