One P*ssed Mama

Ok ya’ll. It is rant time.

My 5 yr old Stinky broke his arm Tuesday night. In the ER, the ortho was dealing with a much more severe break and could not take care of my little man. That was OK. I get that.

We were sent home at 10 pm with no directions aside from “Tylenol or ibuprofen for pain as needed. Call ortho in the morning.” Got it. Wednesday morning I got up, called ortho and was set up for a 2 pm appointment. Cool. That works. I can work a little and then go get this taken care of. Still no instructions telling me there may need to be surgery to straighten it, don’t feed him just in case or anything.

2 o’clock rolls around and we get to the appointment. An hour later the doc comes in and tells me he just saw the x-rays (because apparently he couldn’t look at them before hand) and that Stink needed to be put out to straighten out the arm. Since he ate, we’d have to wait til Thursday. :/ Really? *sigh* OK fine. The nurse calls the surgery center.  It’s closed. They’ll call me in the morning. Oh yeah. And NO food for Stinky after midnight.

Now, mind you, I have already had to take a half day of work. And I can’t give any definitive answer to my boss as to when I will be there Thursday because I don’t know.

Thursday morning rolls around and they call, telling me to get there in an hour. I grab my coffee, dress the Stink and get out the door. I forgot to mention earlier that this center they’re sending me to is in Fond Du Lac, at the far side of town, close to 40 minutes from my house. Apparently there isn’t an orthopedic surgeon in Oshkosh that can take care of this?? As we’re jumping on the highway my cell rings again. It’s been put off until 1. Go home and wait until then. And sorry, he still can’t eat anything.

Head to work, keep myself occupied for a few hours. Go back south, pick up Stinky and head down. We get taken into the back only to be told that they’re not sure if this will work. They just found out the x-ray machine is down. Are you effing kidding me?? Seriously? What kind of outfit are you running here that you can’t keep track of whether or not your machinery is working??? Come back tomorrow. Be here at 10:30 am. And don’t let him eat after midnight. Again.

As I was going to his grandmas to pick him up this morning I got ANOTHER call. The machine isn’t working. Still. They’ll call me. But don’t let him eat. I pitched a fit. Told them they needed to either get him scheduled up here or figure out an alternate machine to use. My kid has eaten 2 meals in the last 48 hours. He has bumped and hurt his broken arm numerous times because it isn’t properly protected, and I have lost over $100 in pay because they can’t get their shit together. Figure it out.

It’s now….what, 11:30ish? I have called twice, called the manager at orthopedics, as well as the complaint center. Have yet to get an answer. No one seems to know what’s going on at the surgery center. No one wants to give me any answers. Heads are going to roll. If anyone decides they can contact me.

To boot, this is about the 4th time I have had problems with this healthcare system. The ONLY good thing they have going for them is their peds department. Those doctors rock. Other than that, my Primary is a dumbass. Every OB I have had their has been crap, except for the one that left years ago.

Once this is all said and done, I am switching healthcare providers. I don’t care what paper work I have to do or if I have to go to Neenah to Theda Clark (unfortunately, Mercy is just as shitty as Aurora).

Thanks for listening. I feel a bit better now. And they just called. 2:15 today in Oshkosh. Finally. An answer.



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  1. Wow, your poor little guy. I’m sorry. How could they treat a child like that? It’s horrible. Your blog should be sent to the White House. THIS is the best we have? It’s disgusting.

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