How to Be an UnCrappy Parent

Yeah yeah. UnCrappy is not a word. But I have to ask; Did it get your attention?? 🙂

There’s been this…thing that’s been on my mind lately. As I’ve been bumming with the kids, talking to my daughters about the way their parents treat them, I really started looking at the qualities of what makes a good parent. Or, more precisely, what qualities make for a shitty one. But because I want to be positive, I’m going to go with the things that make good.

I think, as parents, we always think that we are wonderful. We know all and do what’s right for our kids at all times. Cause we’re mom, or dad. Right? Mmmmeeehhh probably not at all times. But there are a lot of things we can do our best at to be great parents, no matter the age.

Be Accepting:
There will be many times when our kids want to do things, watch things, or listen to things that we simply find no entertainment in. ZERO. NADA. But as a caring, good parent, we sit beside them, watch, go, see, do. Because we love them and want them to feel loved.

Be Nice:
Now I’m not saying give in to whatever and never discipline. No no no no no. I’m saying be a nice person! As stated above, you don’t have to like everything, that’s OK. Bit dont be a dick about the things you don’t like.

Listen without Judgement:
If you can nail the other ones, they will eventually talk to you. Some of their worries, ideas, goals, and dreams may seem silly to us all knowing adults. But to them, it’s important. Don’t knock it.

Don’t Judge Others:
They will be who you are. Do you want them to insult, demean, or hold judgement about others? Then don’t do it yourself. If you feel a certain way about gays, an ethnic group, or a religion, have those conversations with your friends. Not your kids.

Don’t Name Call:
OK, this seems so obvious to me, but you would not believe the things that parents call their children. Stupid, useless, ugly, bitch, etc. People! This is NOT ok! And it makes me sad.

Finally, Be Who You Want Them to Be!
Lead by example. Show acceptance, work ethic, respect for others, responsibility.

I think that’s all I have on the subject, and I’m sure most of my regular readers know all this 🙂 but I had to throw it out there. It’s just amazing the amount of people I see who have no clue how to treat their kids, or be a “good” parent.




  1. I agree with you except I think there’s a certain place for judging. People who abuse kids/animals are judged by me to be horrible people. But I agree with the list that you have. We should be tolerant of differences like that. Very thought-provoking!

    • Amomand4kids · April 12, 2013

      You have a wonderful point. I too believe that you can judge someone on deeds done. It’s the judging of individuals based on race, religion, beliefs, etc. that I have a very big problem with.
      Thanks for the comment!

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