Happy Monday, All!

It was a rather nice weekend. Saturday morning, Boo and I got up and volunteered to clean up the park a couple blocks away. A week or so ago we had a nasty ice storm that knocked down branches, and the heavy rains brought the litter out into the park. It was fairly gross. But the school and Rotary club held a joint effort to get it all clean. And clean it up we did! Afterwards I went to the store and got everything I needed for my garden, came home and started prepping everything. Tilled the soil, preened, set up my bean and pea area with trellises, started working on the gourd trellis. It felt great to get some dirt under my nails and feel the sun on my back!

Saturday evening B had a friend sleep over. Her, S, and Bubba J went roller skating then watched movies and had fun. It was nice. Although I  sacked out early, as usual. I’m super exciting like that :p

Sunday was super uneventful. Laid around, watched TV, tried to work on homework but the online classroom was down. Which is GREAT since I’ve only got 2 days until my second assignment needs to be turned in :/ (I’m currently on hold with tech support. Since 10 minutes ago. Grrrr).

And so I am brought back to some Da Vinci’s Notebook 🙂 Damn Computers!




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