Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone

I used to hate being alone. HATE it. If I knew I was going to have to be by myself I would go to any lengths to avoid it, even reaching out to people I could barely tolerate.

As I grew older I began to see what I was missing. How many things I can do when I am going solo. The benefits greatly outweigh the negative aspects.

Now I’m not saying you should break contact with everyone and pursue a life of solitude. Not at all. But when you find yourself alone, just think of all of the exciting (and not so exciting) good things that can come of it!

When you’re alone, you can do what you please, go where you want, and leave when you feel like it. You can linger in one spot and not be pressured to move, or move all day long if it suits you. Being alone reduces the outward stimuli and allows for your own thoughts and ideas to form.

Being alone takes away the pressure to be smart or witty or cute. You can be mediocre if you’d like and no one will care.

Alone time lets you think and reflect on things in your life without the opinions of others muddling your train of thought. It can help you find an answer to a difficult question and find peace in a difficult answer.

You can go to sleep when you feel like it, run to the store if you want, go to whichever pub you choose.

When you’re alone you are in control. And I think maybe that’s what scares people about it. You take the responsibility for your boredom/lack of it. For the choices you make (boy, that was a bad movie). You have to become reliant on only yourself. But these are all things we should do anyways. But I don’t know that many of us know how.

Are you OK with being alone?



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