Seein’ is Believin’

Someday I will have a board. A beautiful, hand shaped, 10′ Tom Blake style wood paddle board. And I can’t wait OMG. My fingers are crossed that things will go as “planned” and I will have it next weekend. STOKED!

I was talking to someone the other day about it (I’ve been bitten by the bug now that it’s warm and just want to paddle!!!) and they were totally like “What? You can’t surf in WI. No way”. Not true. We have waves. It can be very similar to surfing.

Lake Michigan (a proper noun, did you know?) is awesome territory for catching a wave. And one of these days, I will be out there doin’ it too.

Check out some of these videos. Proof, I tell you! Proof!

This is a fantastic clip from a documentary of surfing the great lakes.

See there?? There is freshwater surfing. Granted, it’s not as sexy (a little hard to rock a bikini when the water is 58 degrees) as surfin’ Cali or Hawaii, but it’s the people and culture that count.



One comment

  1. Oh no, not the dreaded stand up paddle board? When my hubs got his SUP he stopped complaining about small surf but now he’s always gone (when he’s home!) Enjoy your board, tho!

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