Reasons VS Excuses

I don’t think that it will ever cease to amaze me: Grown men and women believing that excuses are reasons. And sometimes I think they honestly don’t know the difference.

Why does it matter? It matters for a couple reasons. There are places you just shouldn’t use excuses. It can royally fuck shit up. But I will get to that in just a second.

Just to be clear, reasons are things that happen that you have no control over. Excuses, now excuses are things that you choose not to do something about. And when you give an excuse its easy to see the BS and negatively interpret it.

Lets take a look at some reasons VS excuses…

At Work:
“I didn’t get to that today because I spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support trying to resolve XYZ issue”. – Legit
“I didn’t get to it because I was too busy with other stuff”. – Interpretation: “I suck at time management”

In a relationship:
“This is hard because you live so far away”. – Legit. That is tough.
“This is hard because we don’t do anything together”. – Uhmmm…why didn’t you make plans? Or say something?

How many times have you been the brunt of piss poor excuses? They really screw things up. My word of wisdom? Don’t come up with excuses. Just give your reasons and take what comes.




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