So Beautiful

My baby Boo is on to High school next year. Oh my. *sigh*. I look at her and cannot help but think she is about the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Now, I’m not playin favorites, or being pompous (for, she looks like her mama), but oh heck. She is straight up the apple of my eye. And it sometimes breaks my heart.

You know that love that pains you? The one that makes you realize nothing in the world will ever, evah take its place?? That’s her.

Today at graduation she didn’t get an award for academics. Nor did she get one for her arts or her mathematics. She got one for being a great human being. For not bullying, for helping her peers. In all 3 years at that school she hasn’t had a DT. No reprimands. No trouble. I told my mum I would rather haver her stand for that than have a great academic record and be sitting during that awards roll call.

My Boo is a beautiful person inside and out. I wish I could hold her close as I did when she was a baby, but she doesn’t stand for that anymore….

Anyhow, congrats, you beautiful thing, you. I am so proud 🙂





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