Challenges and Motivation. Like Milk & Cookies.

For my content writing class, almost 2 years ago, I had to create a blog. I didn’t really want my fellow student reading this one, so I branched out and wrote a handful of posts on something I am waiting (and waiting, and waiting :p) to really sink my teeth into; SUP. I thought this concept was über cool and wanted to share the post. It’s not so much about paddling itself as it is about motivating and challenging yourself. Challenges can create motivation, and motivation can cause a willingness to take on a challenge. They go together like milk and cookies. Or cookies and milk….


“I came across a link to Performance Paddling. They are a training service for paddlers, but also offer a couple other services. It was the corporate events that caught my eye. Their schpeel says that they offer “a unique opportunity to be motivated, challenged, and have fun at the same time.”

Let me interject on my original post for a moment, please. Two of the most important pieces (in my mind) to success are being motivated to do what needs to be done and brave enough to accept the challenge. But these can be two of the most difficult traits to force into your psyche, if you don’t have them. Finding something, anything that is a challenge you can take on is important. And these things go hand in hand. If you accept a challenge and put enough into it to feel good about your attempt, whether you succeed or fail, you most likely will be motivated to try another challenge. This helps to get a person thinking this way; in terms of challenges are GOOD!

How does SUP do these things (motivate, challenge)? Here are my thoughts…

    • It’s Not as Easy as it Looks
      SUPing challenges your body. You have to control different limbs all at the same time, if you’d like to avoid ending up in the drink. And any employee worth their weight loves a good challenge.
    • But You CAN Do It
      After seeing my clumsy Boo out on a board, I have come to the conclusion that just about anyone can successfully paddle. It may take a couple tries and be a little nerve-wracking at first, but if you keep it up, for even 15 minutes, you get the feel and it’s nothing but bliss. As an employee, it shows you that risks are sometimes worth it. Especially when you have your team to back you up.
    • It’s Looks Cool
      When you see people out on the water, you want to be there too. Even if you have never been on a paddle board, you will have the motivation to try.  Whether it’s a new product, ad campaign or part to be engineered, the concept of something new and cool will motivate them to want to do the job.

Giving your employees something, even if it’s not as cool as an SUP training day, really does help to bring out the best in them. I have found personally that when my company looks out for me, I want to look out for them.”

Aaaaand we step out of the motivate employees aspect and into the motivate and challenge ourselves.

I like a good challenge. And 90% of the time I am totally motivated to do whatever needs to be done. Yeah, there is that 10%, but heck. That’s only 36 days a year. 2-ish hours a day (most likely when I’m sleeping. Unless I was out the night before). But keeping myself in that mindset does take a bit of work. Some days, I just don’t wanna. I would rather stay in and sleep and not get dressed. But I do. Here are my challenges that keep me going, and the motivation (why) behind them.

  • Challenge: Making better time walking than I did the day before. Why? Because walking is great for the butt. And when you have no boobs, you’d better have an amazing ass.
  • Challenge: Writing great content 3x a week. Why? Writing makes me feel good. Writing something useful makes me feel even better. So this post is really stroking my good psyche right now 🙂
  • Challenge: Spending time out of the house. Why? If I don’t, I might just lose my mind. I have come to realize that if I don’t socialize at least once a week, I will tend to even chat up the bank teller or checker at the grocery store. I cannot be starved for adult interaction. It bums me out.

What do you think? How do you motivate and challenge yourself?



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