Things of yesterday

Always hits me when I’m driving (no worries, voice texting). The quiet moments that allow you to reflect on everything that is, was, and never would be.

now, don’t get me wrong, my life is absolutely amazing. After five years of busting my ass, working part-time, I finally landed my dream job. It combines every piece of everything that I am passionate about. And that makes me happy.
For all of the things that my children do that drive me nuts, they’re wonderful. Smart, kind, and creative. Another win for mom.

Still, I yearns for the days. For the adventures. The place and time where life was easy…

Cruising down to the big city. Festivals, fairs, museums. Shopping, laughing, and homerun pizza. Packer games, jalapeno poppers, and acting like a big dork. Han and Leia.

Road Tripping to see my favorite band. Dancing, carousing, lovin, laughing. Oakland gyros, gas station coffee, the farmers market, and the Great Lakes. Spreading my wings and flying where the wind took me.

I miss the people. I miss the feeling of freedom, if only for a day.

I’ve never really wanted to grow up. But I don’t know, who really does??



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