The Teenage Years

Ahhhh teenagers…

They love ya when they want something. They’re nice when they aren’t being asked to do something. As long as the tide rolls in and out to suit their mood, all is super.

But then, you must cross them. It’s inevitable. Whether it’s chores that haven’t been done, a curfew they don’t like, or a night they want to hang out but need to be home. You. Will. Piss. Them. Of-fa-faaaa!

But don’t despair!! It’s rather easy to get their attention and fix these horrible moments. And in time, their jerkiness will fade as they realize that mom/da just ain’t fucking around any more.

Stick to yo guns.
If you say you’re going to take something, do it. Phone, privileges, TV, whatever floats their boat.

Still be nice…ish.
Support their extracurriculars, be it sports, band/choir/orchestra, drama club, whatever. Don’t be rude and snarky with ’em either. Just keep it smooth and keep your cool.

Don’t give extras.
Although you will be going to games and concerts, don’t buy them concessions or snacks. Don’t let them use your stuff. Don’t make them CDs, rent their movie choice, or buy them treats.

Make sure you kindly call them out.
This is the hardest, as you will get to the point where you want to be all like “Dude! QUIT BEING BITCHY!” But you have to bite your tongue. “Ahem, attitude…” Is just as effective, and they can’t turn around and make their problem about you, because you’re so mean!!

It works round here, maybe it will work round there, too 🙂



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