Lessons From Dots

Have you played dots? Dots kicks arse. Totally.

If you haven’t played, it’s a rather simple game. And addicting. You have a buncha different colored dots. You make squares out of the same colored dots. Sounds simple enough, right? Depends on how you look at it.

I was playing today and realized that there are some things to take away from this game, if you reflect/let your mind wander as you play…

1. You can make it work
There are some games that you see the board and think “What the hell do I do with this? But if you look and think, there’s almost always a way to make a square. Lesson? Don’t give up. Things can work out if you look hard enough.

2. Take out things that get in your way.
You can earn shrinkers. Shrinkers will dissolve a stray dot that’s in the way of your square. Lesson? People will try and get in the middle of your good. Dissolve them.

3. If at first you don’t succeed…
It may take the dissolving of 3, 7, maybe 12 dots to get to your square. But you will get a square! Lesson? Just because the first job, the second relationship, the next class isn’t good doesn’t mean good won’t come. Keep trying.

4. When it’s not going well, set it down.
Some days you just can’t break 200 points. Playing over and over doesn’t help, one just gets frustrated and loses all sense. Time to put it down until later. Lesson? Don’t beat your head upon the same wall over and over. If you cannot win, just leave it alone. If it’s important, you’ll go back and try again.

I know. Deep. But hey. That’s what I do 😉



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