…with the old? Or maybe in with the old. Or maybe just in?

2013 was a fucked up year. I took unsolicited advice for the last time. My mind walked out on my heart because of it. Later on, and thankfully not too late, I found my heart where I left it. My old love came back and we’re happier than ever. And now it’s time to love on and make 2014 the best year yet!

It’s possible that while one is reflecting upon last year, and what they’re plan is for the new year, maybe there isn’t a resolution that needs to take place. Maybe this year it will be about goals. Yeah. I like that.

For some reason, “goals doesn’t seem as intimidating as resolutions. Like, goals are things you want to do, whereas resolutions are things you feel you should do. Know what I’m saying?

I have a few goals I want to accomplish this year. And I think that it I use the magic word of 2014, consistency, I will reach these goals.

I want to get back in shape. I’m not “fat” but I did fall off the workout wagon, and need to get back in shape. I want my pants to fit right again.

I want to buy a home. I have wanted to buy a home for years. And I am finally in a position where I am able to do so.

I’m going to save. This goes along with having the goal of owning a home this year. And I will need to save for unforeseeable circumstances. Cause let’s face it. It wouldn’t be the first time the kids have blown up a dryer or unbalanced a washer.

I’m going to quit smoking. Yeah, this one sounds like a resolution, but I’ve been in the process of cutting down for 9 months. From 1.5 packs/day to 6-8 smokes a day. I will be done by June. And the extra $$ will go into savings.



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