Happiness is a State of Mind

The big H. Everyone wants it. Everyone you see seems to be it. And everyone has his or her idea of how to get it.

So what gives?

When I look for the answer to this question, I have to look inside. There’s no one way to be happy. It comes from who you are. What means something to you. What you want from life. There is no prescription that fits each and every person.

BUT there are a lot of little things that really can affect your happiness every day…

State of Mind!

– You are in control of what side of the coin you look at! If you like to be miserable, then I’m not real sure why you’re reading this, but keep looking at everything in a pessimistic light. If you want to be a bit happier, look at the positive things. It will help change your attitude.


–  There’s a saying that goes “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”. Well, you don’t have to react to everything that passes your trail, either. If you don’t like purple and someone is wearing it, don’t look. If you don’t like loud people, avoid them. There’s no sense in complaining about it or, worse yet, making rude comments about it/them. That will only drag you down.

Be thankful

-I’ve started a running joke at work with a few of my colleagues, all of us being a bit overwhelmed as of late. Whenever we want to gripe about something we say “I’m thankful for….!!!!” instead. It makes us all laugh, and realize that yes, Mr. B is not fun to work with, but at least we have a job!


– Here’s to science: 7-9 hours a sleep each night can keep us healthier, help us loose weight, and you guessed it!, be happier. So catch those Z’s. You’ll be better off snoozing than watching one more episode of your TV show.

Finally, if you want to be happy, BE HAPPY!!! 🙂

– Don’t let others actions, reactions, or general negativity make you unhappy! (The hardest for me to follow). You can choose whether or not it has an effect of you for more than a fleeting moment. If you can, try not to give it a thought. They’re in charge of themselves, you’re in charge of you.



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