Music. Just Music

As you might be aware, I used to post a music video every week. I’m thinking that maybe I should get back to that. Or something like it. Or posting more than randomly when I think I might have something interesting to say. Because I’m probably the only one who thinks what I have to say interesting. :p

Anyways, I’ve been getting some pretty cool up-and-coming musicians following me on twitter *squeeeeeel*! (I’m not sure why, but hey. I like music, and followers are awesome! So it’s all good.) And I thought maybe it would be cool, and a good-will gesture, to give them a shout out on my fantasticAmazing blog here.

So I’m starting with Bruce Dixon. He’s adorable, and his single Fight is everything that you want it to be. Mellow, sweet, harmonic. Not to mention the feeling of hope it gives, that there really are romantic men out there. 🙂 Great song, Bruce!



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