So Not What I Imagined.

So yeah. Do you ever look back at your life and wind WTF happened? Cause seriously, this is nothing like what I had planned.

See, I was going to be a new age hippie, roaming around, not a care in the world, getting stoned and having a ball, seeing all kinds of places and meeting all kinds of people.

Then I had babies. And things changed.
I was going to be the best mom and wife EVER. Cooking, working, cleaning. And my husband will love and appreciate me and treat me like a princes. He would appreciate me and love me. Kiss me, hug me. We would have good conversations. He was patient and loving and a fantastic partner.

And, well, yeah. That didn’t happen either.

So here we are, almost 17 years (holy craps, 17 years) from when I was going to be cherished. Waiting to be cherished.
I mean, don’t get me wrong. I known he loves me. And we have a …decent relationship.

But shoot man.

Weird. Things don’t turn out how you had planned, no?



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