I’m Giving Up

Yup. You read that right. Just giving up. I’m going to be so bold to say “I QUIT!!!!”

Back in June I bough a fitness tracker. And boy did I take that shit seriously. I tracked calories. I tracked steps. I tracked sleep and weight, sugar, carbs, and protein. You name it I was OBSESSED with tracking it. For what good? I’m not sure.

About a month into it, I began to stress on it. Did I meet my step goal? Did I consume too many calories? Gee I had better get to the gym at 9pm and try and take those last 1372 steps!!

Fuck. Stooooopid. 

What, in theory, seemed to be a phenomenal idea only brought more stress to my life. Not just some stress, a LOT of stress. And what does stress do? Uhm, store fat, encourage emotional eating, bring total imbalance to our lives.

I decided, just 3 hours ago, that I was going to put it up. See what happened. Will the earth cave in? Will I die of malnutricion? Will I *gasp* not take 12,000 steps tomorrow? Nope, probably not, and who cares?? I will eat like I always have (well, balanced, and whole), do my yoga, and take my walk. But just because I want to. Not because I have to. And if I sit for a an hour or eat a cookie, nothing is going to alrert me with an “”uh oh. You’ve been idle too long” or “Your food score was only 85.679 out of 10 today. What could you have done better?”. Shit I don’t know!!

And now I don’t care.  The device did not help me lose ANY weight. In fact I gained 9 lbs since I got it.

My new plan? Eat right, lots of fruits and veggies as I always have. Stick with my daily yoga practice. Take a walk every other day, whenever I can fit it in. And not worry about it. I will get me where I need to be. But thanks for the offer, little fitness tracker.



One comment

  1. angelaparkinsonxx · November 17, 2014

    Love your new plan! Xx

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