Finding My Faith

I’m a very spiritual person. I was born and raised Catholic and though I haven’t always b en on the same level of the church, I haven’t ever strayed too far. I pray when it’s good, pray harder when it’s bad. I find my oneness with him in many ways. I’ve tried in vain to get my kids into church, and fiinally just said #u*% it, I’m not fighting that battle any more.

Lately, life has been throwing a lot of curve balls. It’s been crap, truth be told. Crap at work. Crap at home. Just all around crap. and to make it worse, my little man had developed a fear of the dark just put of the blue. The “I’m not even walking down the hallway when it’s dark to pee ” kind of fear.

So in my infinite mom wisdom I said “Hey listen. We’re going to church.” because Jesus always makes me feel better. Maybe it will help me. I never would have guessed in a million years I would be so darned in tune with my Lord. First reading: overcoming struggles (me). Second song: Be Not Afraid (ds). Second reading: remembering your Faith (me). Homily: footprints in the sand (both).

For the first time in a long time I felt like someone was backing me. And helped me remember that someone is ALWAYS backing me. Too awesome.



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