Marketing Medical Imaging Parts

I get calls from marketers and google analytic firms on a weekly basis. They all ask the same question: “How is your site performing?” If it was only that cut and dried.

The medical imaging parts industry is best compared with auto parts. Like, BIG auto parts. Transmissions, catalytic converters, tie-rods. How? Well, when’s the last time you saw an ad for a transmission and say “Oh yeah! I’m going to stock up on this!” Uhm, no. I’m not dropping $2.5- $4 thousand on a tranny just because. Same thing with medical imaging parts.

It takes a lot to build your customer base and your reputation in this space. There is fierce competition, even though it is a niche market. There are a number of things you need to be successful in your marketing. Here are my top 5.

#5: Have Market Knowledge
Just like every other type of marketing, you have to know your target. The difference here is that the targets VERY specialized. There are a lot of people who work in the imaging space, but only a handful of them have anything to do with the procurement of parts. Find the people who do or you’re not going to get anywhere.

#4: Be Knowledgeable
You can’t just re-spew content created by the experts. BE the expert. Make videos of what you know and post them everywhere anyone might look.

#3: Be Visible
Video, blog, social media, direct mail. Email blasts, print and online, OH MY! Just like every other product or service, you need to participate and show up. It will improve your rankings with Google, and help your positioning. Just remember. If you can’t keep it up, don’t start it!

#2: Get Buy-In
This is non-negotiable. If you cannot get the powers that be to see what you’re trying to accomplish and let you some head room to accomplish it, as well as support your efforts to get buy in from the rest of your colleagues, just call it a day.

You can’t market when you’re selling. You can’t create when you’re in meetings all day. Humans are horrible multi-taskers. If you want to succeed at marketing, do marketing. But be sure to have back up. If you’re doing all the planning, creating, executing, and managing all by your self, you will burn out. Whether the team consists of internal volunteers or an outside agency, you need the support of an admin, at the least.



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