What to “BE” as a Marketer

Scanning the internet, you will run into oodles of information directing you how to “be a better marketer”. Secrets, habits, ways. Schmer. Yes, these secrets and habits will better your over-all presence, but there’s only 4 things you need to “Be”:

  1. Visual
  2. Helpful
  3. Informational
  4. Entertaining

See those commands at the top of my marketing board?? Every day. Be Those Every Day.

You may be staring at the screen right now thinking “What do you even mean? Take pictures? Respond to a forum? Create a How-To? C’mon Carrie. Details!!” I will answer “Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!” But it can be more than that.

Here’s the breakdown

Visual can be anything from a photo or infographic to a video. It also mean BEING THERE. Post your information where your audience will see it!

Helpful takes the shape of an expert, in this definition. Give tips and tricks of your trade, post how-to’s, and write instructions to help customers troubleshoot common failures in your product.

Informational is broad,  important, and possibly the most difficult: Give your audience information that they care about, which may or may not be relevant to YOU. Because hey. It’s not all about you. It’s about creating a relationship with your customers.

Entertaining is just what it sounds like. Post a Friday funny. Write with personality. Create video that engages. Keep your audience on their toes!

What do you think you should BE as a marketer?



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