There’s a lot to be said about honesty

A lot.

A few weeks ago I met the man of my dreams, then met his horrible nightmare. Uber tall, sweet, funny, fun, sexy, and made me feel like a million bucks. He understood my children, and he liked me for me. The problem was/is that is still struggling with his own demons. He can’t be in a relationship with me because of it, and with my going public of my boundaries, I can’t very well be in a relationship with him.

This makes me sad. I miss him. A lot. We are going to see what happens, see if we are able to be just friends. Which is great cause what I miss the most is the friend that I would hang out with and talk to every day all day. So hopefully we can keep that. Never know what will happen.

You know, at first I was angry. For so many reasons, but angry none the less. I didn’t want to lose the crazy happiness I had found. I did not want to imagine never finding that again. See, I have NEVER felt the way he made me feel. I am completely thankful that I got the opportunity to know what it was like to be cared for. Even though he couldn’t feel for me, he was so good to me. Better than anyone who ever claimed to love me. Yet he didn’t. He didn’t lie. He didn’t pretend. He straight up said how he felt.

There’s something to be said for honesty.




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