Wimps Can’t Be Heroes. A Rant

Lol. Whenever I read this it makes me chuckle. But there’s so much truth to it, in so many different ways. But this is through the parents lens.kid-hero

You have to have balls to be a parent. Whining and fit-throwing and being a little bitch doesn’t cut it in this *pro-bono* line of work. And I’m not talking about the kids.

Parents need to have thick skin and a short memory, yet an exceptionally long one. We need to be patient and not rush into things, but be able to react in a split second. We need to be kind and stern and loving and logical. And we cannot let our own emotions rule us.

Can’t be a wimp.

I look around society and see so much candy-ass parents fucking shit up. Spend 15 minutes in the check-out lane at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Somehow society had made parents feel bad for parenting. Like, you’re a shithead if you don’t get your kid the newest video game, kowtow to their fits, give them rights, and act as a short order cook.

Fuck that. Be a Hero.

Why a hero, you ask? Because the world will thank you for not raising a self-absorbed little fucker. Your child will grow up to be a hard working adult who doesn’t expect shit and respects people. You just have to do it right.

  1. Don’t Give In
    You can’t be a wimp, I say again! If you say no, mean it. Which is a beautiful segue into…
  2. Take Responsibilities
    You can say “I’m not giving you game time until you do your chores” but don’t pull that “I’d say yes if only you were good” bullshit. Take responsibility for your no’s. I mean really. It’s not about them, it’s about you
  3. Quit the Negative
    I used to say “Pick Your Battles”. But that makes parenting sound like a war. And it’s not. Try to find everything on the sunny side. *This helps with regular life, too!!

That’s it. At least my top 3. And no, you’re not going to stick with it all the time. Aim for 80-20 and go from there. But seriously. Be a bad-ass fucking hero, not a wimp. Our world deserves better.



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