You Don’t “Do Yoga”

yoga-imageIn our society, yoga is just another exercise. Right there below walking in the alphabetical list. It’s characterized by a skinny chick with a hot ass in tight pants contorting into positions that make the boys crazy. It’s for losing weight and aligning your spine. jw refers to it as porn :). Most people refer to it as something you do. In fact, I took a class a week back and I overheard the teacher ask “How long have you been doing yoga?”. Gah! No! 

No! You can’t DO yoga. Fuck, people. Please quit saying that! You can DO asanas. You cannot DO yoga. Yoga is a practice. It is a union of breath and movement and being whole with yourself.

When you practice yoga you’re allowing another dimension to function. You are creating a connection between your conscious mind and your spirit. You enter into the poses to challenge your physical body to let go of its mind fuck i.e this pose is too much/too hard/too big. A solid, true practice will help you remove the walls that surround you, keeping life out. Get rid of the judgement, the boundaries, and accept yourself for who and what you are today.

You don’t DO yoga. You are yoga.

Yoga is an internal practice the rest is just a circus Sri Pattabhi Jois

If you’re ready to start practicing, take some of these into consideration:

  • Go within. When you practice, listen to the guide, but other than that just be. Be silent, internal. Feel yourself move in and out of the poses and experience the freedom.
  • Be Consistent. You can’t dabble in yoga. Well, you can, but it’s not going to get you anywhere. Not to a yoga butt or a deep practice. You have to commit to yourself that you will practice. Weekly and build up from there. I haven’t missed a day unless injured in 2 years.
  • Learn to Meditate. When you can shut off and just be, that’s deep.
  • Live yoga off the mat. Stretch your limits. Be brave. Trust Yourself. Let go of that which doesn’t serve you. Live in today. Breathe.

The teacher and light in me honors the teacher and light in you. Namaste.


p.s. – Check out this great article from Elsevier



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