Let Them Be Them

…if it’s not harming them or others, why bother with it? If I had a mantra as a parent that would be it right there. If my 8 yr old wants to boycot haircuts and look like a hobo for the summer what do I care? B wants fugly glasses? Ok. They’re not going on my face. 

I learned a long time ago that it’s a lot easier to break them down than build them. Those opinions up there? They have never crossed from my brain out my lips to my kids’ ears. Unless they need to know they’re fucking up, my kids only need to know that I love them and support them and think they’re smart/beautiful/strong/handsome/and amazing. 

Kids need to self express. I know, I know. My boys go to a uniformed Catholic school. How can I say that?!? Here’s how. They can still play their sports (with more opportunities). Wear their hair how they want. Be involved in clubs and activities. They are more free to be themselves there than they were at public because the whole of the organization is rooted in love and compassion instead of judgement and competition. 

I digress. 

What I’m trying to say is that if you are in the life of a young person, don’t not pick. Don’t put them down for their choices just because you don’t like something. Let them be them. They’re the truest versions of themselves when they’re young. Make them feel loved and accepted no matter what. 




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