Get Happified

Being happy. It’s the only thing that really matters at the end of the day.wpid-wp-1442078892324

I’ve tried my hand at being a narcissist. Sometimes I’m still a little stuck on myself, should I be completely honest (I love my hair and my butt (: ). But pretending I was the only one of importance was not pretty. I was just a huge fucker with a big ego. I whiffed every opportunity to become someone people will remember *positively* and every opportunity to be happy by doing selfless acts. Living for yourself only and thinking you’re the cats ass doesn’t do anything for anyone. Not even you.

I struggled for a long time figuring out where to begin sharing my love and life with others. The self doubt that comes from selfishness can consume a person. I often felt like I wasn’t being genuine simply because I wasn’t used to smiling at people. I felt like I was lying when I’d respond “I’m terrific/terrific, considering”.

Starting small is the key. I still have days when it all goes out the window, but when you’re doing your best you can’t be ashamed of that.

So whether you are continuing a journey of lifting others up or you’re just beginning, here are a few things to do every day to make people feel great *bonus, it will make you feel great too!!

  1. Use a persons’ name.
    It’s the sweetest sound one can hear, and it’s easy! As long as you can read…
    Just read the name tag on your banker or cashier and say “Have a great day, David!”. You’ll see people visibly transform; they will stand up a little straighter, look you in the eye and genuinely smile.
  2. When someone asks how you doin’, respond “Terrific!”. If you’re not terrific, say “Terrific, considering!”. And say it with a smile.
  3. Do an anonymous good deed. Buy a coffee for the person behind you, feed an expired meter, leave a not that says “You’re Wonderful” on a windshield.

Start there. These easy and fun things are about guaranteed to bring you happification.



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