The Narcissist 

Boys to Avoid #1

This creature is found everywhere. Most often disguised as the nicest guy/gal you’ll ever meet, you should be wary of their charm and ability to seduce your mind and body in a very short amount of time.


The narcissist feeds on your very soul. Like the Dementors of the real world, they will suck the happiness right out of you when given the chance.

Their two faces can make them hard to detect and eliminate, but they can only maintain their air of wonder for a short time. Once the faces flip, though, the nasty person gets partially stuck every transformation afterwards, the ugliness shining through brighter and brighter as time elapses.

Once you see their first meltdown, it’s fairly easy to determine if they are indeed a narcissist vs some other toxic personality. EVERYTHING will be your fault. They are insecure? Your fault. They were late? Your fault. Their clothes don’t fit? Your fault. They feel threatened by another guy/girl? Your fault. They don’t like pizza? You got it. Your fault.

If all these things ring true for your significant other, I am sorry. Narcissists are by far the hardes to rid yourself of. Like the bedbugs of the human world. They will talk you in circles, denying their part and insulting all you are, even ripping on your dog. And when you think you’re done and you’ve successfully walked away, they’ll start again, either pleading or being cruel, depending on the war tactic of the day. Don’t respond, that’s just gas to the fire.

Stand strong. You’re smart and beautiful, Jesus loves you. You got this.




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