The Unaffectionate

In this, the second of my “Boys to Avoid” series, we look at the “Unaffectionate” Afraid of affection, this is the original fixer-upper.

Often this is the guy is a friend of your friends’ husband. They are either “dedicated to their work” or obsessed with some hobby or another to avoid a relationship.

You’ll know early on with this one, as they won’t want to kiss you. You can’t get them to hug for more than 5 seconds (and it’s likely to be a one armed back patting hug). And when you ask where they see their relationship in 5 years you get the deer in the headlights stare. awkward_hug

If you’re patient with these, sometimes you can break through. But remember, frustration and irritation will only drive them further away. It’s best to just leave it alone and be your affectionate self. They may learn to like it.
The end game with these guys is often difficult because there’s nothing “bad” about them. It’s just tough when there’s no affection/physicality in a relationship. But if you’re okay with that, go for it!


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