The End

I was chatting with my friend last night about the end. How hard it can be. How awkward and painful and downright strange to walk away from a relationship. 

I made mention of my long standing inability to end things. 4 years in the wrong relationship hoping I could get him to change. Before that, 6 years. Hanging my hat on hope. Well, lemme tell you. Hope is NOT a strategy.

I had hoped that they would change. The behavior. The thought process. Everything. But it didn’t. Never, ever have they changed.

Was it my sickness, or theirs??

Mine. It was totally mine. I mean, yeah. They were all rather fucked in the head in one way or another, but I was choosing to tolerate. I can say this, though; I learned from it. Learned a lot.

  • People don’t change 
    Not really. They can say “Just give me a chance” and “I promise it will get better” but it doesn’t. Because they can’t change.
  • It’s okay to do for you
    When you’re with someone who’s broken, you feel like you must spend all your time and energy on them. Don’t do it. Take care of you.
  • Just walk away 
    Hardest. Thing. Ever. They will make you hurt and make you want to fuck em all at the same time. Just walk away. The sex isn’t worth it.
  • If they make you feel shitty they’re not worth it 
    Don’t tolerate it. Love doesn’t hurt. Or make you feel crappy. Get out as soon as they make you feel like crap.

Okay. So maybe I didn’t learn “a lot”. But I learned enough to walk out of my last relationship before I got destroyed.

I think the next thing to look at needs to be “How to spot a psychopath in 3 easy steeps”. Or some shit like that.




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