The Victim

Boys to avoid, volume 3.


These guys though. They will drive you NUTS. They’re toxic to the core and do not like to be accountable for anything.

You can spot them pretty easily; just say or do something that “everyone else does, too” and you’ll find that they’re “used to it” and they will just “deal with it like every other time”.

A lot of time this behavior comes along with very controlling people. They want you to feel bad that the whole world has always let them down. Their life is dirt, their families/ex’s/teachers have always treated them badly and now you are too. And if you don’t, then you’re an *insert expletive* who doesn’t care.

These people are easiest dealt with by putting them on ignore. Seriously. I know an individual who pulls that shit and I will simply say “I’m sorry that you took what I said that way” and just stop the conversation then and there. Because if I don’t, all hell breaks lose and he will be texting me and getting more and more shitty as I don’t buy into his victim mentality.

How do you deal with the victim?



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