To My Future Boyfriend

I’m impatiently waiting for you. That guy who will laugh with me til it hurts, go try good beers somewhere with me then get up Sunday morning and go to church. Play in the snow, make dinner with me, grab my butt, and watch silly movies.

But You should know…

When I tell you that I need your help, I really don’t. I just want it. I don’t like doing the man stuff. But I will want to help. Because that means being with you.

I love hard. I will be the very best version of myself for you. I hope you can appreciate that.

Hugs. Long hugs where I can lean in and feel safe. I need those.

Going out to dinner with me is an adventure. I don’t eat grains. Or gluten. Or sugar. I’m used to it. I hope you can get used to it too.

There will be times you wonder “Who put a quarter in her?”. I can talk all day about everything and nothing at all. Please keep up.

Speaking of keeping up, I love to go-see-do. And even when I don’t want to, there’s always something. And it’d be cool if you would want to be involved.

I love Jesus more than you. Not sorry.

I love my kids more than you, too. And I’m not sorry about that either.

The majority of my friends are guys I’ve known for years. They’re not going to turn into potential dates because of you so calm the fuck down.

I have a potty mouth, when appropriate.

I do hope that’s not too much. But at least it’s out there 😀

If it is too much, 🖕🏻





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