Take it Slow

Dating is weird. Guys are weird. And girls, well, we can be kinda stoopid. At least that’s what I think.


There’s this guy. He friended me on Facebook a few weeks back. He’s absolutely adorable, has his shit together, and seems like a very genuine guy. At least that’s what I gleaned from his sporadic postings. Anyways, I really wanted to meet him.

In true C awkward fashion I just went for the gusto and said “Hey. I want to come over and hang out with your dog”. Yup. Really. I know. Fkn awesome. I figure the worst he could say was no, and if that happened I’d know he wasn’t interested and i would just go back to not giving a shit about boys.  But! He said yes. So I went.

My mind says it went well. We talked for a good 2 hours, I got to love on an awesome puppy, and be with a super cute guy. I really didn’t want it to end. I left with the memory of an amazing long, tight hug. I can’t complain.

The really cool thing is that I feel so chill about it. Like maybe all of the Dons tormenting and my meditations have finally hit home; it will be what it will be so let it be. I made the initial move, now let’s see where it goes. Because, you know,

I’ve always been a person who needs answers. So not trying to figure out if he likes me or wants to see me again or is interested in dating, feels awkward. But I’m good. It’s slow and it’s different and I will embrace it all.

Here’s to hoping 😉




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