Can’t Be Mad Though

I’m still not sure what’s up so I’m not going to elaborate on “what’s up with Carries’…thing”. Or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

But as I’m sitting here feeling a little confused, I realize that only one thing is certain; I did not ask what the goal was.

Just wait. I can see you ladies foaming at the mouth. But really. There’s a reason to ask.

I’m seeing a trend with people who are still single and my age; they’re tired of committing. Really. They’ve spent at least 20 years hoping to find someone. And it’s never worked out. Something always happens. Wrong guy/girl, bad connection, personality conflict, lies, unattachment. Always something. Except a great love.

Deep down I think we all still want it and hope for it, but it can be scary. Like, what do we do with it?? And the whole self-destruct? My generation seems to excel at it.

So that’s why I think you need to ask. If you’re not cool with anything less than an effort towards an LTR, you have to make sure he/she is on the same page. It’s not fair to either one of you if the other gets pissed off about miscommunication.




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