Attitude of Gratitude 

The Holidays…



I normally LOVE Christmas. Like, anything Christmas related and I’m there. Christmas music? On all day long. Decorations and baking and festivities, oh yeah! Go cut down a tree and decorate it while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. That kind of “crazy about Christmas”.

This year was tough. I was alone for the first time in ages. There wasn’t the entire family get together that was relaxed. It was weird and rushed. And my eldest child was being a complete butt-face.

Christmas eve morning as I was crying in my bed, I knew I needed to get myself together. And for me, that means getting a practice and a prayer in. On goes the meditation app and i began to breathe.

This particular meditation was about gratitude. Being grateful for all of the small and large things in your life. It reminded me that even though my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be at that very moment, I was alive, I had a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and a family that loves me. By the time I completed my practice, I was chill and happy. Even able to smile.

Turns out that gratitude does a lot for a person.

  • Directly influences your attitude
    If you complain about everything you have, you will never be happy. Nothing will ever seem good enough for you.
  • Lowers your stress hormone
    Science has proven that people who are grateful have lower levels of cortisol in their blood. That’s a great thing! Cortisol is nasty stuff
  • Improved Relationships
    It’s a no brainer that you’re going to have happier and healthier relationships if you find things to be positive about and grateful for. Start with that person you’re with. Be grateful for them and their role in your life.

Check out the links below for even more on how gratitude can positively affect your life.

Thank you for reading!





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