lonely-heartThere are hundreds of single adults out there. I can’t help but wonder; how do you handle your loneliness?? Because man, loneliness sucks. It makes people do stupid shit. I mean, when you’re just bumming and all you want is one of those hugs that turns into sex, things might get a little out of hand.

My favorit-est yoga teacher in the history of ever put it into perspective for me today; “Just think of how many people in the world are practicing just like you are right at this moment”. Dude. Yeah. I have a meditation app, Insight Timer (love) that shows all the people who were meditating with you. It’s always a lot. And it makes you feel less alone in the world.

So that’s a great idea. But I think there should be more.

  • Join a Meet-Up
    There are all kinds. I found a terrific bible study meet-up. People are great and make me feel like a million bucks. And I’m out of the house and not alone.
  • Read a book
    When I’m feeling really bummed I lose myself in a book. Be it a Deadpool comic or one of my Outlander books, being in another world helps. A lot.
  • Get your hair did
    Something about talking to your stylist and getting pretty makes you feel terrific for days.
  • Work out
    I practice daily anyways, but when I’m lonely, which usually happens when I’m bored, I will take my lonely ass for a walk. Not only does it help take your mind off it, but it’s good for you, too!
  • Jam out
    Oh Lord yes. Skillet, Red, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin. Whatever floats your goat. Just get lost in it.

I’m sure there are many other ways you can work through the lonely nights. Just so long as you’re not finding your way through via the bottom of a bottle, random sex, or emotional eating I believe you’ll get through it!

What do you do about your lonely?



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