Momma’s Boy


Boys to avoid #4: Momma’s Boys.

Momma’s boy. You know the type. 35+, living in moms basement. Mom buys him clothes, cooks him supper, washes his undershorts.

Not a good choice. Not at all. These guys are first class manipulators. For goodness sakes, they’ve screwed over their own parents. Why would they do any less to you??

They are generally easy to spot. It’s a dead give  away when they don’t invite you over, their fee time is spent anywhere but at their “own place” and they refer to their parents as their “rents”.

You’ll also find that they move really fast. Like they’re in love by week 3 and want to move in at week 5. I mean fuck. I wouldn’t want to be a grown ass adult living with my parents either.




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