Be Well


Being well isn’t just about the food you put in your body and the workout you (try) to accomplish a few times a week. It is so much deeper than that. You also have to take care of the soul and the mind. Stress, man, that shit will kill you just as quick as weekly Big Macs.

We exhaust ourselves every day, between work, family, obligations, and appointments. The exhaustion is sometimes fun, showing up in the form of a great night out, or a hot night in. But it still takes its toll on us and wreaks havoc on our well being.

When I was living with my ex, my stress levels were off the hook. I put on 15 lbs, and no amount of eating well or working out put any kind of dent in my waistline. The stress was seriously fucking me up. I was not well. But when that stress dissolved? I was happy again. I was a better mom. And I became the incredible shrinking woman.

Getting you wellness together can be a big undertaking. But if you approach it like eating an elephant you can conquer. One step at a time.

Find Your Peace
What’s the trigger that makes you happy (and don’t you dare say food!! :p)? Church? Meditation? Petting the dog? Whatever it is, do it. Do it every day. Do it until you feel good.

Fuel Your Body
All food is not created equal. And neither is every body. The whole 30 then a paleo lifestyle keeps me feeling amazing. That may not work for you. But I promise there’s something that does. Check out these tips for healthy eating if you don’t know where to start.

Work it Out
Just like eating, there is no “right” exercise program that fits everyone. But also like eating, there’s something that will fit your lifestyle. The options are endless, from running to swimming to lifting or yoga. If you need help, hit up your local YMCA. They have trainers that will help you find the best direction for you.

That’s it. Find your om, feed yourself, and work out.

Take care. Be well.



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