That’s what I said. Yes. And there isn’t anything about it that I feel wrong about. Nothing. Though I probably should…

You know that truth about online dating I wrote about? The one where you shouldn’t build anything with someone long distance? Well…let me tell you a story…

In the month or so that I have been active online dating, I haven’t found that OMG I need to meet him. Not until Snoop (and to be fair, not since). He came up in my “people who viewed you” feed. I took one look at this man and wanted to meet him. I wanted to see his beautiful blue eyes look at me, feel his beard on my cheek. Kiss his lips and have his big hands touch my butt. I wanted to know the sound of his voice, hear him laugh and discover what he smelled like. Spend hours laying with my head on his chest talking about nothing and everything. I was hooked.

So I did what I do; I sent him a message “Hi! From the sound of your profile, you sound like a really terrific man. And you’re incredibly handsome. I do hope that you find what you’re looking for :).  Carrie”. He messaged me back minutes later thanking me and that he wished girls who lived by him thought that too.

From then on he was viewing me daily. Sometimes a few times a day. I was flattered. And unreasonably excited. I mean, cmon Carrie. He lives 500 miles away. So I messaged him again. “Yo, Snoop. I’m too far away ;)”. Again I received a message shortly after “I know :(“. I thought that would be it. A few hours later, he messaged me again and we started talking. And talking. And exchanged #s. And talked some more. He now knows more about me than anyone currently in my life. It’s terrific.

During one of the conversations, I made a joke about meeting half way. He told me I was crazy. Then asked what worked for me. After some back and forth it was decided. We’re meeting in 19 days.

This probably sounds like crazy talk, doesn’t it? Or maybe like I’m someone who doesn’t have a firm grip on reality. I’ll tell you something. I know. I know the implications. Doesn’t mean I have to care. I’m just going to live in the moment. Be excited. Think about being anonymous in the city. And get completely distracted by the texts that are a wonderful interruption of my work day.

I’ll let you know what happens 🙂




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