Disposable Dating 

Dating. It seems so disposable. Everything is going great, you hit it off well. Then you find


that one thing that’s not quite up to par. At this point 90% of the people I have talked to admit that they just drop it. Whether they tell the other person the problem or just ghost, they move on to the next prospect.

I suppose in dating thats acceptable, but it begs the question of how we look at all relationships, not just a first or second date. Are we as a single 30-something society so obsessed with finding that perfect person that we will cut off our nose to spite our face?? I’m incline to say yes.

I have heard everything from smoking to lying to hair color and whether or not the person has kids as proverbial deal breakers. And I think it’s good and healthy to know what you really don’t like in a person. But when is it too much? And how do you know??

Here’s what I think….

  • If it deals with morals and ethics, keep it.
  • When it gets in the way of your goals, keep it.
  • Something you can’t ever imagine kissing/hugging/sleeping with? Keep it.
  • And if it’s something you’ve tried to get past and can’t, keep it.

My point here is that you gotta keep it simple. If you have too many things, you might as well be hunting unicorns. On the same token, if you compromise, you may not find happiness.

Do you have deal breakers? Please share!




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