When you doubt, take the most inspiring words from Pooh Bear….

I have been working on my forearm stand for 6 weeks or better. I think I started the week after New Years, so whatever that math comes out to be. You do it. I despise mathematics. 

When challenging yourself for yourself only, you can tweak things as you see fit. You want to change your goal? Settle on less? Quit altogether? You have that freedom. Completely. And no one is going to fire you or rag on you over it. No one except your conscience, anyways. And if you can ignore that, fuck. Give it a rest when it seems like you’re not going anywhere, right? 

Uhm. No. 

I have learned so many incredible things about my body, and my personality during this journey. Things I never would have been able to say about myself. And I’m sure as my goal evolves with each milestone, I will only learn more. There is no regression when you’re putting forth your best!

So. Those things I learned…

  • I’m disgustingly positive. Like, that obnoxious, bubbly, smiley even when shit sucks kind of positive. It creeps me out a bit, truth be told. 
  • Strength looks very different than skinny. I was lighter, thinner,  and MUCH weaker when I started. I’m becoming kind of a beast now. It’s hot. 
  • Your core and your back though. That’s what you really need to be able to get up there and stay there. 
  • Yoga can kick your ass. Recently I started adding weights into my routine, but that body and those muscles are 98% yoga. Don’t gimme any excuses as to why you can’t get strong with yoga. They’re invalid. 
  • Be authentic. When I do my videos, it’s all me. The disgustingly positive, never say die, yogi at heart, goofy, passionate. 
  • Patience, my child. I learned that I had to be patient. I had to mind my body. If it wasn’t ready, I had to get it there. There was no rushing it. 

I could probably go on and on about this. The adventure has been incredible and had boosted my confidence in ways I never thought possible. 

I hope you get out there and challenge yourself for yourself. Set a goal. Crush it. Repeat. 




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