When To Move On

I’m sure that everyone has that point at work where you say “F#$K this, I’m quitting!”. Most times, though, it’s in the heat of frustration and we really wouldn’t walk out. Just a bad day, not a terrible job. I know you’ve had those days, too.

The other side, though, is knowing when it really is time to leave. There are a few clues that you can look for. If you see/feel these things, it might be time to start looking for a new job.

Toxic Environment
When you walk in the door and instantly feel a piece of your soul whither and crumble, you should start looking

Your Boss Lies
Sounds like a no-brainer, but yeah. When your boss starts lying about things and withholding information, it’s time to go

You Get Pushed Out
The admin who got hired 2.5 years after you starts getting more and more of your work and is being paid to go to school to get the same education as you.

It Feels Like Work
If you’re dragging yourself in to work after talking to yourself during the whole commute about not telling people to fuck off, new employment is probably a good idea.

There’s No Respect
If you look at the whole of the leadership team and think “fucking two-faced lying wankers”, at the least DO NOT SAY IT ALOUD!

What are your red flags that you should probably go?




  1. shaunkellett · February 14, 2017

    Mine is when I can’t get up in the morning… If I wake up with a sense of dread, or if I literally can’t pull myself out from under the covers, I know my job is dragging me down. When I’m enjoying work, whether it’s a new job or a new position, I find I can get up and ready easily.

    • Tattoos Kids And Yoga · February 14, 2017

      Thank you for the comment! I have to agree with you; when you want to get up and go you’re probably in a good spot.

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