Overwhelmed. The rest of the story

Remember me telling you that you needed to become overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with something?? Overwhelmed with something that was going to change the whole forward progress of your life???

I still believe you completely do need to become that overwhelmed. But I’m going to tell you something; not every part of it is what it’s cracked up to be. It’s like having a major case of the bends.

It hurts when it’s over. You want to be left alone to process everything that you’re feeling. You want to try and figure out if any part of it was real, or if it was just a fairytale that you stepped into for 48 hours and then it disappeared as quickly as it came. Like Cinderella, and the ball, and the glass slipper. Or tasting glass, as it were.

You can literally feel yourself being stitched back together in a completely new manner once the shock wears off. You realize what’s important, and what’s not. You learn let go and to understand that what happens is just what happens. Accept things for what they are, or at least what you perceive them to be.

When you let go and just let yourself be, the overwhelm is not something that you can just walk away from. But I tell you, folks, it is damn worth it.




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