When You’re Unemployed

As many of you may know, I was forced into being unemployed just over a month ago. The company I had called home for almost 4 years “restructured” and “eliminated my position”. If I might be candid, I was a pain in the ass and they couldn’t find a reason to fire me. That’ll happen, I suppose. Maybe not to everyone, but I’m sure I’m not the first.

It’s been a very…weird experience, to say the least. But all in all, I have had some really great eye opening experiences and found some great thing out about myself and life in general. What you ask? Well….

I feel like I have lost and found myself all at the same time

Being a lady of leisure is f&king outstanding

My self-esteem went down the toilet

Then it resurfaced better than ever

I took some time off and regretted yet cherished every moment

I’ve re-prioritized what I value

Frugality is becoming a habit again

Crying & depression are a normal stage of being out of work. Let it come then let it go

My yoga practice has flourished

So has my ability to day drink

I know myself better than I have in a long while

I’m becoming okay with solitude

I’m sure if I sat here for a few hours I could fill a few pages with the things that I have done and accomplished and figured out in the last month. But I think this is a great start.

Have you been unemployed after a good long stint as being a professional? What was your experience?




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