Wiser or Just Older??

I always thought that I would be somewhere other than where I am by the time I was 36 years old.

Two failed marriages, numerous failed relationships, and now I’m unemployed. What. The. Fuck.

I mean sure. I’m not, like, old. Yet. And I have spent the better part of the last 19 years raising kids, being a soccer mom. But one would think that I’d know something by now.

Which begs the question; have I gotten wiser? Like, at all? Or am I just getting old?

I figured that making a list of things I know/can do would probably help me answer this question. Then it seemed tedious. And silly. There are a lot of things I know and can do that don’t make me wiser, they just…round out my skill set if you will. And in that determination, I realized that there is certainly a personal opinion as it pertains to the word wise. How do you know if you’re wise? What makes it so?


Well, yes. But…

For me, this is a much easier question to answer. Wisdom is making good choices. Not following those seat-of-your-pants whims. Knowing when enough is enough, be it food, drink, or toxic relationships. Saving for retirement. Having goals and making plans to achieve them. Not worrying about keeping up with the Joneses. Or Kardashians, as it is this day and age. Taking care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit. Not caring what people think. Passing up the expensive shoes and buying the good brandy instead.

Reflecting on this list, I realize that there is nothing about having that perfect job or being married to the love of my life. And that I have about 3/4 of these traits/thought processes down pat.

I guess I am at least a little wiser than I feel. 🙂




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