Building a Bucket List

I never had a bucket list. I was always too busy, to pour, too focused on my children. But guess what? I’m not as busy as it once was. I have a great job and I am finally making money. And my kids? They’re growing older, if not up a little bit.

Went on my first long distance motorcycle road trip Labor Day weekend. Seriously?! Everyone should go on a motorcycle road trip at least one time in their life…

I have been on a bike, sure. And I definitely love it. This though. This was my first time on the highway. First time in the rain. First time in the cold. First time for more than an hour. Not to mention my first time in Chippewa Falls at the brewery, or my first trip up to Grandads bluff. It was even my first time wearing a helmet. And every minute of it was amazing.

Then there are the people you meet. Everyone accepts you as you are. The dealerships are cool places to be. And the sights you will see along the way? Way cool. Cause I discovered that’s what bikers do. They ride around and stop at Historical markers and state parks and scenic overlooks. My kind of folks right there.

Now I want to get my license. My five-year goal is to have a bike and go to the 120th. Yes, comparatively speaking it may be small, but it’s mine and I will achieve it.

I’m finally building a bucket list and it feels great.




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