How Do You Whole30?

How’s it going? Good? Good!

I want to talk to yall about the Whole30 again. See, it’s like a fire around here. I start on it. I talk about it. I post food pics. And EVERYONE wants to get on the program. What do I say? JUST DO IT!!

Seriously. Is it difficult? Sure it is. Nothing worth doing is going to be completely easy. I mean… Childbirth is hard. Losing a friend is hard. Dating is hard. The Whole 30? Psssh. Bring it. Though you will have a little….


But it’s very much a mindset. You want it, sure. Who doesn’t want a rocking body that feels amazing from the inside out? Who doesn’t want focus and energy and beautiful hair? It’s a no-brainer, but then deal. Deal with what you “can’t eat”. It’s 30 fukin days, people. And I promise it will go from can’t have to don’t want before you know it.


Ok. Sorry. Off my soapbox. Let’s get into the good stuff.

This program really will change your entire life in 30 days. You will learn a TON about yourself.  You’re going to find out that there are certain foods that your body really hates. The way you look at food will change. How you approach eating will change. You will feel amazing.  Here’s how it works (best for me).

Prep. It’s all about getting your kitchen and your mind in order. This is just like anything else. You aren’t going to decide to take piano lessons and buy a piano or keyboard 2 weeks later. Same thing. You have to be ready!!

Get all of the non-approved shit out of your house. Donate the pasta, the cream of ___ soups, the dressings and the sauces and boxed dinners. And hide all the booze (or drink it (: ).

Measure/weigh and take some progress pics. You will NOT do any of these things for the whole 30 days. NONE of it. So get it done beforehand, especially if you are doing this as a way to lose weight.

Talk to your family! This is especially important the first time through. It is going to test your willpower, so it’s super helpful when everyone is on board. I can just not eat the rice and pasta, so I make them for the family, but the main food is 100% compliant. I figure they can eat what they want except for shared meals.

Get it in your head that there are no cheat days. None. You can’t find your triggers when you’re constantly fighting your own body. It’s only 30 days. Deal.

Plan and Shop. This is where Pinterest comes in super handy for me. Make a board that is only Strict Whole30, and allow your family to choose meals off of said board. This really increases the buy-n J. From this, make a weekly menu of main course and veg for every day of the week.  I have found this is hugely successful in keeping on track. If you have to think too hard on the fly you’re either going to be eating the same thing or just go back to eating poorly.

Once you’re through this, you simply begin. I like starting on a Monday morning, just keeps it feeling like your on to something if you know what I mean.

The last thing I can say is that if you want to make it a lifestyle, do so. If you read the resources for the program, it doesn’t advise on this. Well, for me, I have tried and failed to reset it and forget it a few times. I need to live life in a whole 30 mindset (+beer) 98% of the time. So I do. And I feel fab. Do what makes you feel good, you know?

Get on it! Do it! You’ll thank yourself 🙂









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