Don’t Be a Punk

Okay ladies. Let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all. Why do we do/say stupid shit just to see a reaction, be it positive (hopefully) or negative??

And then why, oh why?? do they insist upon dissecting your answer?

Ugh must be an emotion, I feel it in my soul.

I think for me at least, it’s a matter of a real fear. And I wanted to hear something reassuring. I digress…There’s no “us” in Carrie. It just hasn’t panned out that way. And then I think “Him. He is why it’s never worked before” and in the same thought “Really Carrie, give it time”.

But angst is not the card to play. Guys are not amused by it. Some (like mine) get downright irritated. Why? Because they want a confident woman. Someone who can hold her head high. Who believes and is good with herself. Who knows her own worth and can deal with what life throws at her. Not some dishrag that thinks they’re not good enough for anyone.

The moral of the story? When you’re feeling some kind of something, put on your big girl panties and talk about it. Boys may be dumb, but talking to them makes you look smarter and makes them actually smarter.




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