Angsty Boys

What. The. Fuck.

Since when are boys more complicated than girls?? I mean seriously. Why the fuck are there dudes out there all confused and wushu-washy and in angst. All the fucking time???

So. My dsf from the bar is just this vibrating ball of drama. Like, oh my goodness drama with people and women and “friends”. I’m fairly certain that 80% is brought upon himself but damn. You’re almost 50.

HBG is angsty, too. Can never make up his mind, sweats the small stuff, ghosts out. And he’s in his late 40s too.

Then there’s JFTP. Every couple weeks he gets his manses and stresses out by grossly overthinking. Which I do get. I go there too sometimes. But still.

Y’all are grown men. Why?? How come you are so into drama? Make up your damn mind. Understand what you’re getting into, and either take it or leave it. Have a goal that is only about you, and go for it every day. And in the end, Fuck everybody else, do you man.




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